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Please ask about any custom designed seminars for your organization…. Retreats, Workshops, Leadership Camps and Much more.

TrueWind Consulting provides a variety of seminars to help your organization maximize momentum and inspire your team. We specialize in custom designing any seminar to accommodate your specific needs and culture. Our strongest emphasis are in the area of Leadership, Culture Shaping, Leading Change, Creative process and Strengthening and activating the Emerging workforce.

Creating and Sustaining a Healthy Organizational Culture.

What fosters synergy and collective productivity in an organization? What influences all to do the right thing rather than the easy thing? The answer, for many top-performing companies, is culture…

Communicating With Clarity and Power.

If you have ever been asked to speak to a handful of employees or a large audience and felt apprehensive and maybe even down-right scared, then this workshop is for you.

The Creative Process – Nurturing Innovative Thinking.

What resources do you seek when you’re stuck? Do you look for the creative one on your team and mine him or her for ideas?  Have you ever wondered if your right brain was even awake?

Compass Leadership – How to Lead with Integrity.

The most effective leaders know how to influence everyone they come in contact with not just the people who report to them. Traditional leadership is based on positional leadership and is often authoritarian. In contrast, Compass leaders use their influence to help their organization become remarkable through the power of Character.

Empowering the Next Generation Workforce.

During the past decade, approximately 12 million Millennials have joined the American work force – Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, Millenials and now Gen Z’s are working alongside one another. When they effectively work together they are a force to be reckon with.

Bumper Cars, Treadmills, Freight Trains and Sail Boats.

What kind of leader are you? What are your strengths and what obstacles could potentially hold you back or even throw you off course? In today’s world leadership self-awareness and proactive rather than reactive leadership is paramount.