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I can’t say enough about how much TrueWind helped us get started on the path to choosing our company’s core values. Sergio helped us describe them and come up with practical ways to incorporate them into our daily work routine.  This was key to them becoming alive and known throughout our organization. Thank you Sergio.

Mindi Irvine, Owner of Oasis Physical Therapy

My leadership team and I have grown from our time with Sergio in so many ways. TrueWind has helped us clarify our team culture and grow as leaders. Sergio was key in the implementation of re-branding of our retail business. Our one-on-one coaching sessions has helped me in how I deal with the tough issues business owners face. I have grown a good rapport with Sergio and I grow a little each time we meet.

Nathan Lull, President - Highlands Organic Markets

For five years I have had the tremendous opportunity to take advantage of TrueWind’s leadership training. Sergio’s candor and practical application allows any leader to be able to make applicable and immediate change to develop teams in your organization.  His passion to develop leaders is evident in his presentations and follow through with individual assessments.

David Daniels, Chief Operating Officer at Bainum Family Foundation - Washington D.C

TruWind has well prepared proven methods that we were able to use, enjoy and benefit from. Sergio is a professional of special character bringing heartfelt ingenuous concern and involvement to the engagement.

Jim Herd, Former National Sales Director, Bose and CEO of J&D Capital.

Sergio is an amazing leadership trainer. His connection with his audience makes him successful and his easy manner in which he delivers his message makes it memorable and translatable in every day life and across all generations.

Lynda French, Executive Coach & Business Consultant at K C Consulting Inc.

Sergio has drawn me into the study of leadership to a degree I would have never reached without his influence. His personal lessons and communication opened my eyes to the importance of what to read, what to teach and the critical role of creativity in leadership and life. I have called on Sergio many times and expect to call on him even more in the future.”

Phil Boyer, Persident of i2290.com

Sergio was amazing! He provided gentle guidance and education to our fledgling organization. He provided us a roadmap and let us take our own journey. Sergio effectively managed the conflicting ideas and passions by offering suggestions and possible solutions, all the time allowing us to make the decisions. We can’t thank him enough for the amazing guidance his services provided. We highly recommend TrueWind Consulting as a personalized and professional development tool.

Crystal Carter, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Rebuilding Mid-Columbia

TrueWind was an instrumental part of us launching M.Power Yoga Studio and becoming a successful thriving business. Sergio helped us to get clear on who we are as an organization and where we are trying to go.  We have become so much more than just a yoga studio or a business; we’ve built a family and a place our staff and students are excited and passionate about belonging to. Thank you Sergio

Joel and Jason Herd, Owners of MPower Yoga Studio, Baltimore MD

“I have worked with Sergio on various workshops for the Berks County Chamber of Commerce. He is extremely engaging with the audience and keeps them involved in the discussion. He really cares about your business. If you are planning a conference or event, or are in need of a personal leadership coach, I recommend that you give TrueWind your highest consideration.

Michael Rivera, Berks County Commissioner

Sergio’s  enthusiastic, energetic presentations have been a catalyst for my leadership growth. I have read and listened to many different leadership & marketing programs, but his is hands down the best one I have tried. I can’t say enough about the marketing slogan he developed for my company. I get more customer comments about this than anything else we do. Thank you!

Jim Lewellen, Pastor, Chattanoga Tennessee & CEO of Central States Consulting

Sergio’s leadership coaching not only influenced my personal growth as a leader in a very positive way, but also that of my team. The coaching process led me to a better understanding of my self and in turn impacted my communication with others. I Highly recommend TrueWind Consulting to anyone who is serious about personal growth and the growth of their team.

Connie Cole, Juice Plus, Leading Representative

As an attorney, interacting and communicating with clients, opposing counsel, and judges is a critically important part of what I do. The things that Sergio has taught me regarding leadership and communication have been invaluable tools in my practice of law.

David Dildy, Attorney at Robert E. Long & Associates, Ltd.

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