Jim Herd
Jim Herd Former National Sales Director, Bose and Current CEO of J&D Capital.
TrueWind has well prepared proven methods that we were able to use, enjoy and benefit from. Sergio is a professional of special character bringing heartfelt ingenuous concern and involvement to the engagement. We went from barely being able to sit in the room together to becoming a mature and productive team. We are now growing two businesses successfully and have a great focus and ability to work together. We have used TrueWind on countless engagements since 2013 and we intend to continue.

Jeff Clark
Jeff ClarkPodcast Host of www.techtiptuesday.com
When I think about Sergio Manente what comes to mind is his dynamic speaking style. Anyone can give a presentation, but Sergio is a master at giving illustrations that keep you on the edge of your seat from the moment he starts speaking. He doesn’t just tell you something but in his own unique way he shows you. When Sergio speaks he takes you on a journey and helps you to see things from a completely new angle. You never leave one of his workshops or talks the same as you went in.
Mindi Irvine
Mindi IrvineOwner of Oasis Physical Therapy
I can’t say enough about how much Sergio helped us get started on the path to choosing our company’s core values. We didn’t know where to start and he came in, got to know us and met with us personally, to walk us through the process step by step. Not only did he help us choose the core values but he helped us describe them and come up with practical ways to incorporate them into our daily work routine. This was key to them becoming alive and known throughout our organization. But he also went a step further. He took our core values and then in his spare time he designed them into a graphic that we could use on our website, posters throughout our offices and even on T-Shirts. They looked awesome! We are appreciative to all he did to help us grow our business culture. Thank you Sergio!
John Montgomery
John MontgomeryEntrepreneur, Dublin Ireland
To say that TrueWind has had a profound affect in my professional life would be a huge understatement. I approached Sergio with the intention of gaining some additional exposure into strategies which would ensure employees felt appreciated. We needed to make changes to the culture in our office and welcomed the ideas of TrueWind to change our outlook, values and perspective. Adopting these proven techniques was a painless process as I received personalized one on one coaching with Sergio when located in Glasgow, Scotland. I have applied these incredible leadership skills into my personal life – as well as taking them with me to my new company in Dublin, Ireland. Thank you Sergio, for investing your passion, energy, time and wisdom in me. It has changed my life.
Crystal Carter
Crystal CarterTitle
Our organization has worked with Sergio and TrueWind Consulting on projects developed by our 501c3. Sergio saw our challenges of developing “one voice” supported by all board members. He offered his services to help us create an identity.
Sergio was amazing! He never pressured our Board into doing anything they were not comfortable with; he provided gentle guidance and education to our fledgling organization. Sergio was very conscious of the need for our many voices to be heard and worked hard to incorporate these voices into the guiding principles he presented to us. His methods were patient and kind.
Sergio provided us a roadmap and let us take our own journey. He effectively managed the conflicting ideas and passions by offering suggestions and possible solutions, all the time allowing us to make the decisions. His process allowed us to grow at our own pace, set our own expectations and develop results that we could take ownership of.
Rebuilding Mid-Columbia learned so much from his experience and professionalism. We can’t thank him enough for the amazing guidance his services provided. We highly recommend TrueWinds Consulting as a personalized and professional development tool.
Lynda French
Lynda French Executive Coach & Business Consultant at K C Consulting Inc.
Sergio is an amazing leadership trainer. Over the years that I’ve known him, he has trained hundreds of next-generation employees to become strong leaders in their sphere of influence. His connection with his audience makes him successful and his easy manner in which he delivers his message makes it memorable and translatable in every day life and across all generations. You’ll enjoy the process, and at the same time he’ll deliver the leadership training your organization needs.
David Dildy
David DildyAttorney at Robert E. Long & Associates, Ltd.
As an attorney, interacting and communicating with clients, opposing counsel, and judges is a critically important part of what I do. Sergio has taught me leadership and communication skills that have been invaluable tools in my law practice. They have increased my effectiveness and made my work more enjoyable. My only regret is that I didn’t meet Sergio until I was in my mid-30s and missed the opportunity to apply these life-enriching principles during my formative years. I unreservedly give Sergio my very highest recommendation.
David Ferguson
David FergusonLead Pastor, Collegdale Church on the Campus of Southern Adventist University.
Insightful, imaginative and tremendously loyal, Sergio Manente has made a lasting impact on a vast number of young leaders. Sergio is a risk taker with unique clarity of vision.
Never afraid to tell it like it is, Sergio’s Italian passion can easily burst to the surface in a rush of ideas, enthusiasm and the occasional new word created just for the moment. But when his leadership wisdom and prayer injected teaching cross paths, look out and brace yourself for…
Kimberly Weiland
Kimberly Weiland(ISA) Industrial Supply Association Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sergio is a speaker who delivers. He has now spoken for several of our conferences and has been a huge success each time. His engaging style, enthusiasm and great stories have left our audiences motivated and excited to begin implementing the realistic ideas he presents. I highly recommend him if you are needing a seminar presenter or keynote speaker.
Michael Rivera
Michael RiveraBerks County Commisioner, Berks County PA
I have worked with Sergio on various workshops for the Chamber. He is extremely engaging with the audience and keeps them involved in the discussion. His workshops are interactive and he presents the material in a way that is easily understood. He has a way to make his listeners feel comfortable with him and the information he is presenting. He really cares about your business. If you are planning a conference or event, or are in need of a personal leadership coach, I recommend that you give TrueWind your highest consideration
Nathan Lull
Nathan Lull President - Highlands Organic Market, TriCities WA
I am grateful to have been mentored by Sergio.
My leadership team and I have grown from our time with Sergio in so many ways. TrueWind has helped us clarify our team culture and grow as leaders. Sergio was key in the implementation of re branding of our retail business. Our one-on-one coaching sessions has helped me in how I deal with tough situations and the approach I choose when dealing with the issues business owners face. I have grown a good rapport with Sergio and I grow a little each time we meet.